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Dr. Rhonda Before and After
Dr. Rhonda
Before and After


Hi There:


I'm so thrilled that you are interested in taking advantage of my individualized HealthTest©.


Please sign in now by clicking the Client/Patient Login button above so that we can move you along to take your test today. I would suggest you change the password so you have it when you return again.


For the FIRST TIME EVER, YOU have the power to take control of YOUR health. My HealthTest© provides the necessary information tools to succeed. Whether YOU want to lose weight, maintain your current weight or are just "Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired" the answers and the how-to-steps are now in YOUR hands.


A sound nutritional program can make a big difference in how YOU LOOK and FEEL. With just a few wholesome food choices and supplements YOU can be energized and have the good health YOU deserve.

The questionnaires have been broken down into 4 sections:

    1. General Information  
    2. Symptom Questionnaire  
    3. Nutrient Deficiency Test  
    4. Diet Appraisal  

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Nutrient Deficiency Results
Personal Food Plan

What's great, is that you can start and stop at your convenience and when you have all questions answered to your satisfaction - just click!


You will get your basic results first - and when you're ready to get into what those lows and/or very-lows mean and their applicable foods for each - just click again for the 'rest of the story'.


Your personalized food programs have been designed according to your answers:

    1. High-Protein No counting calories, carbs, fats, fiber, etc.
    2. Moderate-Protein No counting anything - I've done it all for YOU!


You will then come to the last section which is meant to help you to choose the supplements that are most applicable to your current needs - TODAY! Not only are there choices, but I have written at length on most of them, so, take your time, know what you need, and know why you're buying. These products are only available to doctors, but Joe, Owner of Progressive Labs who has known me for over 30-years is allowing you to buy his natural, bio-identical products when you sign in and use my account number. You will only have to do this once, once your authorization is checked at my office.


I don't know how much easier this process could be made, but if you have any questions just send me an email to: healthtest@drhenry.com and I will help you.


I'm excited for you and the greatest part of this program is that in weeks to come you can come back and do a Follow-Up HealthTest© allowing you to monitor your results.



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